Artscape Theatre: Phantom of the Opera

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Every person should visit the Artscape theatre in Cape Town at least one in their lives. Despite technology, theatre has not lost its magic and mystery. The connection between the actors and audience as well as the coordination between technical and lighting managers is simply thrilling. The theatre has something for everyone: musicals, ballet, children’s theatre, dancing and one-man shows. Feast your eyes on the splendour of theatre!

Price: R125 – R375 for Phantom, prices may vary for other shows.
Length: 1½ hours
Distance: 50 km
Availability: every day
Group size: no size limit
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My Experience:

We went to see the Andrew Loyd Webber’s musical production, Phantom of the Opera, with André Schwartz in the name role. We went on a Saturday afternoon and got a family special, available for groups of 4-6. We parked on an open area accross from the theatre, but there is also covered parking under the building. Arriving a little more than half an hour before the show started, we partook of a light lunch in the very crowded restaurant inside the Artscape building. All the tables were filled, so we had to sit at the bar. The sandwiches were good, however, and the drinks refreshing. When we got to our seats there were people sitting there who thought they were there to see a ballet. They somehow got into the wrong theatre and then missed half their show. The show itself was magnificent! The costumes were a feast of colour and design, the acting outstanding and the music heart-rendering. The three hours passed in a wink, and all too soon it was all over. The adrinaline of the final moments drove every one to there feet in a standing ovation that seemed last forever. I will definitely be visiting the Artscape theatre again soon!


  • The programmes were rather pricey, at R50 each, so take extra cash if you plan to buy one.
  • Arrive at least half an hour before the show starts so you won’t be rushed.
  • Booking tickets: You can book online, but then you can’t choose your seats. Rather call 0861 915 8000 to book.
  • Observe theatre etiquet and don’t eat or talk during the performance.
  • Andre Schwartz does not play the Phantom on Sundays.
  • Dubble check your tickets to make sure you are in the correct theatre, as there are more than one theatre in the building.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the Artscape Theatre, the parking is a few metres back.

Experienced on 17 December 2011

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  • Charl Ellis

    Most epic show I ever watched.