Beaverlac Camping

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The rustic and tranquil campsite surrounded by wild mountains offers meditative peace and quiet and is a balm for the soul. A spectacular mountain pool with waterfall is within a 5 minute walk. For those who don’t want to camp, there are a few cottages available.

Price: R15 per car + R45 p.p.p.n
Length: 1 night camping (no day visitors)
Distance: 145km
Availability: All year round
Group size: 2 – 150 (the camp site is huge)
More information:, Tel: 022 931 2945

My Experience:

Flatrock with the most water I’ve seen. September 2012

Our family used to camp at Tietiesbaai quiet often, but then after moving to Franschhoek we started going to Beaverlac which is a bit closer then Tietiesbaai. In my personal opinion it is also a much better camp site, the variety of natural rock pools, waterfalls and hiking trails makes Beaverlac one of the best camp sites in South Africa and that for only R45 per person per night.

We have also stayed in three different cottages of which my personal favourite is Africa hut, which is 6km from the main camp site. You need to bring everything as there are only 4 single beds a table and chairs in the hut. For total privacy and beautiful swimming pools the R220.00 for 4 people per night is a total bargain.

Friends, familiy and pets at Beaverlac in 2009

On the latest occasion we decided to break away just for one night from 1 – 2 January. I’ve never seen the camp site so full but we still found a nice spot under some trees. There are no marked out camping spots which makes it perfect for large groups to pitch their tents in any which way.

There is also a small shop at the office that sells everything from shampoo to ice cream in case you forgot something. I enjoyed quiet a few from the latter.

Beaverlac is definitely my favourite camp site, being just 2 hours away from Stellenbosch you can easily come here for a night or two over the weekend.

Sliding in the Ratel River. September 2012

UPDATE  03/12/2012:

In September me and my girlfriend camped here for 5 days. It was in the off-season and the weather was a bit off. But despite this we had a wonderful quiet time hiking, taking photos and even swimming.  There was so much water that I could bum slide in places that was usually just dry rocks.


  • Bring your own braai grid.
  • Ice is available from the shop, make sure you have a cooler bag.
  • Dogs are allowed, but make sure it can behave.
  • There’s no electricity in the camp site, so pack accordingly.

Waterfall in the Ratel River. Just a 10 minute hike from the main campsite.

Location and Directions

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Interactive Map of Beaverlac

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Experienced on 2 January 2012

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  • Dirk van Staden

    The best place for a quick week-end break away to recharge your batteries!

  • Kimdutoit

    Hi Active Squirrel!! Thanks for the super informative post! :) Do you perhaps have any pics of the Africa Hut? the beaverlac site doesnt. We are super new to any form of camping any suggestions of “do not forgets” for a place like africa hut that has nothing but beds etc? Any help would be much appreciated!! thanks kimdutoit(@)me(dot)com

    • AdminSquirrel

      Unfortunately I can’t find the pictures that I was sure I had. Attached is the old one you probably already saw. It was damaged by a flood. The new one is not as impressive and is built about 100m from the river. It has three rooms next to each other. Two bedrooms and a kitchen with an outside braai. The toilet is another 100m from the house. I would definitely recommed it if you are looking for a quiet private weekend.

    • hugmin42

      I found this photo of the new hut on Shantelle Visser’s blog.

    • Caro

      Here’s another angle.