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A spur of the moment decision to do some hiking led myself and a friend to the top of Bothmaskop early one Saturday morning. There we enjoyed a frugal breakfast consisting of peach flavoured sparkling wine, Salty Cracks and Sweet Chilli Cream Cheese. After admiring the view, we returned home with the entire afternoon left intact.

Price: R30
Length: 3 hours
Distance: 5km
Availability: Any time
Group size: At least 2, unless your asocial


My Experience:

On the way down. The incline is quite steep.

Student life at Stellenbosch doesn’t allow me much time for sport and other forms of exercise. However, on the previous afternoon I was invited to a game of soccer. Later that evening, my friend suggested that we climb Bothmaskop the next morning. Even though I could feel that my calves were spent, I agreed.

At 08:00 the next morning, we departed from our campus residence, Eendrag. We passed the Simonsrust Spar and bought our supplies there.

We continued to the top of Bothmaskop, where we encountered some foreigners. The breakfast went down well, supplying the boost we needed to head back down.

This was a very enjoyable way to spend a Saterday morning that would otherwise have wasted away while we lay in bed.


  • Wear a hat, and make sure you have enough water with you
  • The incline is quite steep, and there are several places where loose rocks and slippery areas can cause you to fall. Be careful



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is where you can park you vehicle

Experienced on 24 February 2012

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