Clos Malverne brings on summer with refreshing Ice Cream & Wine Tasting

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With the mercury rising, Clos Malverne, nestled in the Devon Valley outside Stellenbosch, turns its pairing thoughts to that favourite summer staple, homemade ice cream, paired with wines as a refreshing summer tasting offer from October till the end of February 2012.

For just R45, you can stay cool with sips and scoops of four delicious ice cream and wine pairing sensations in the tasting lounge for sheer indulgence on spectacular summer days in the heart of the Stellenbosch winelands.

Price: R45 – for 4 delicious ice cream and wine pairing sensations

Length: 1 hour
Distance: 5 km
Availability: Tuesdays till Saturdays between 10h00 and 16h00
Group size: 1 or more, but pre-bookings are essential
More information: to book contact Clos Malverne Estate at Tel: (+27)21 865 2022 or visit

My Experience:

First on the list is the Clos Malverne Sauvignon Blanc and Lychee & Lime ice cream which create a wonderful taste explosion in the mouth with the lychee enhancing the tropical fruit nose and the lime lifting the freshness of the wine. It is the perfect sweet and sour combo and the creaminess of the ice cream complements the creamy texture of the wine exceptionally well.

Clos Malverne’s new coffee-style pinotage, Le Café, is matched with a scoop of Mandarin & Pistachio Praline ice cream. The nuts bring out the roasted coffee bean and mocha flavours, whilst the mandarin and caramel highlights the smoky undertones of the wine.

All time favourite Strawberry & White Chocolate ice cream paired with the estate’s flagship Cape Blend, Auret, is an ace match in both colour and taste and transforms the tastebuds right to Wimbledon’s Centre Court. The refreshing strawberry highlights the tremendous fruit of the lush Auret while the creamy ice cream, festooned with white chocolate, complements the velvety texture of the wine.

Ending your taste experience on a decadent high, Clos Malverne Pinotage Reserve and Dark Chocolate Chip ice cream are a heavenly combination that melts into a wonderful rich, velvety mouthfeel with every sip and spoonful. The frozen chocolate bomb with its pure bitter chocolate flavours highlights the dark rich fruit of the wine while the creaminess of the ice cream allows the flavours of the wine to linger a little longer.



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  • Pin B is at Clos Malverne

Experienced on 1 October 2011

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