Q: Why did you create ActiveSquirrel?

A: Because we’re awesome… And because we wanted to create a space where people in Stellenbosch could share their awesome experiences in and around the town, for others to pursue and enjoy themselves.

Q: How do I use ActiveSquirrel?

A: Firstly, you can browse others’ experiences from different categories (e.g. “Extreme” or “Food and Drink”) by selecting a category from the drop-down list “Activities” in the top navigation. Secondly, you can comment on these experiences (e.g. when you did the activity yourself and want to share your thoughts) using the comment form at the bottom of an experience post. Thirdly, you can share your own experiences using “Share your experience” in the top navigation.

Q: What is the asterisk (*) for?

A: To indicate that somewhere on this site there will be another one with more information, of course.  If you haven’t found the other asterisk (it’s at the bottom of the page) here it is again: *and a bit further away, but still reachable from Stellenbosch. Still not following?  ActiveSquirrel provides information on activities in and around Stellenbosch and a bit further away, but still reachable from Stellenbosch.  We aren’t 100% sure how far reachable is, so you decide.

Q: Can I sue you for getting injured while doing one of the activities listed on this site?

A: No, sorry.  Read the disclaimer.