Great Grand West Outing

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Make the most of what Grand West has to offer. Go ten pin bowling, ice skating and watch a movie all in one day. To make it even more memorable go there by train from Stellenbosch Station.

Price: R170
7 Hours
Distance: 47km when driving
Availability: Saturday
Group size: 3 – 10
More information: Ice Rink, Ten Pin Bowling, Train Schedule, NuMetro

My Experience:

On Saturday the second of July my friend and one of his friends picked me up at my house for an unforgettable and semi-disastrous day.

Goodwood Train Station

At the Stellenbosch station we drove past the parking turn-off and ended up parking in some back street. At the station we bought 3 first class tickets for a whopping R13.00 each. After a short wait our train arrived – luckily my friend checked the train number and knew in what direction we were suppose to go or I might have gotten on the wrong train. We were almost the only ones in first class which were quite decent except for the wet floors (it was a rainy day). We counted off the stations and constantly checked the yellow sign posts but somehow still ended up missing Goodwood. At Thorton my friend got off and told us to get off as well since we missed our stop. I was so baffled that I just stood there until the train started to move again and which point I decided to jump. After stumbling a bit I regained my balance and we walked off in one piece. We could see Grand West from Thorton station and considered walking, but then decided to wait for the next train and illegally (there was no ticket office) drove one station back in a jam-packed third class carriage with people selling shoe polish and playing keyboard.

Ten Pin Bowling

Grand West is just 200m walk from the Goodwood station and we got there in time for Ten Pin Bowling (according to below itinerary). The bowling was a lot of fun and the bowling shoes are awesome too. At some stage they switched on only fluorescent lights which made the balls glow. The girl kicked our asses with a score of 93 against my 66 and my friend’s poor 39. It seems that practice does make perfect.

From here we went straight to the movies where we decided to watch Bridesmaids, which started merely one minutes later –  perfect timing once again. After the movie we had a quick lunch, sharing two large pizza’s from Debonairs and four free Poppitz.

After the delicious pizza it was just about three o’clock and time for Ice Skating. Ice Skating can never be boring: in our case the whole rink was open and they even brightened the scene by putting on the disco lights. At about five o’clock we decided that we’d had enough and headed back to the station after buying some Slush Puppies.

Grand West Ice Rink

We tried to buy tickets for the return trip, but the office was closed and we weren’t even sure what train to board since there was no indications of any kind. So after getting on a few trains and asking where it is heading only to quickly jump out again it was about 17:57  – time for the last train (the one my friend had on our schedule from the start). This time first class (or rather Metro Plus) was more crowded than this morning and people were playing loud music from their phones and talking really loud which, combined with the dark, gave the trip back an eerie feeling.

What a day. I would recommend this to anyone who wants to make the most of a Saturday and combine four fun things to do. If you want to skip the train part you can remain at Grand West and to do some gambling or maybe watch a second movie.

Example Itinerary:

10:02Train from StbR 13.00
10:51Arrive at Goodwood station
11:00Back door entranceR 5.00
11:15Ten-pin BowlingR 35.00
12:15MovieR 38.00
14:30EatR 40.00
15:00Ice Skating session beginsR 33.00
17:30Ice Skating ends
17:57Last train back toR 13.00



  • Check train timetables before you go. Remember to write down the train number and its time of departure for the train you want to take and a back-up one in case something happens.
  • Take or wear a pair of thick, comfortable socks for the Ice Skating.
  • A bigger groups will be more fun with bowling and increases safety for the train journey.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the parking for the Stellenbosch train station..
  • Pin C is at Grand West entrance gate when driving by car
  • If you go by train you need to use the back entrance.  Check the map to see the Goodwood train station.

Experienced on 2 July 2011

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    Awesome post Pieter! I will never forget that train jump!

  • Luca Lategan

    Check die Wikipedia-blad uit van Cape Metrorail vir meer wenke oor treinry in die Kaap.

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    Good work! I see you made a significant contribution to that article.