Horseback wine tasting

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This must be the best way to see the countryside and take in wine tasting at a couple of wineries. Ride for 3 hours and 12 kilometers on a trail consisting of scrub, fields of vines and pine forest with an experienced guide.  There are 2 stops at local wineries where the horses are fed and watered and the riders can taste the wines.
Price: R550 p.p
Length: 5 Hours
Distance: 33km
Availability: Everyday (Weather Dependant)
Group size: 2 – 6
Booking: Paradise Stables: 021 876 2160

My Experience:

This was my second time riding a horse. The first time was also with paradise stable but without the wine tasting since I was only 15 years old.  I rode on the most lovely Arab horse and bitless bridles were used.  The saddles are like armchairs so I could ride all day.  The guide allowed my friend to gallop with the horse.  At first I wasn’t up for it, but it looked like so much fun. So when she did it for the second time I joined in.  I don’t even know how my horse knew I wanted to gallop but it did.

The wine tasting was also great. Two other couples, one from Germany, also did the horseback wine-tasting with us. The conversation was quite interesting.  I highly recommend this even if you are not a rider or don’t like wine tasting.


  • Wear comfortable clothes with closed shoes.
  • If you are an experienced rider feel free to ask the guide if you can gallop with the horse.
  • Take some snacks with you to enjoy with the wine tasting.
  • Remember to adjust the directions to the blue pin.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the stable where the ride begins.

Experienced on 5 February 2011

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  • Kevin

    Wish you had told me about this last year… Looks awesome!