Jog along the Eersteriver

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For those who enjoy the outdoors, or those who like staying fit, Stellenbosch has ample possibilities for jogging routes. The serenity of the Eersteriver, with its semi-secluded lanes of oak trees, offer a hard-to-beat location for some exercise after a tiring day of work.

Price: Free
Length: 1 hour
Distance: In Stellenbosch
Availability: Whenever the sun is shining
Group size: unlimited
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My Experience:

After a big hiatus in my fitness program, I persuaded my sister to join me on a late-afternoon jog through Stellenbosch. On a previous excursion I discovered that one can run along the northern bank of the river, as there is a well trodden road. This road is overhung by the characteristic oak trees of Stellenbosch – offering some shade on a day that foretold the approach of summer.

At any point one can North to enter the residential areas (if you don’t want your tekkies to become dirty), which also offer an endless number of quiet and relaxing roads to jog along.

Should you continue along the river, you will eventually arrive at a suspending bridge which lets you cross the river. On the other side is a large sportsfield, where we saw two men practice their golf. From here there are breathtaking views of the mountain, especially when the sun is setting.

This is an activity that can be done every day of the week, with no two experienced being the same.


  • Try not to go alone if you are a lady – the surroundings are suited for someone who likes hiding behind trees and bushes.
  • Be careful when crossing the bridge – it can wobble when two people cross at the same time.
  • Make sure you stay aware of the general direction you’re jogging – getting lost can really hurt your self-confidence.

Location in Stellenbosch:


Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at one of the starting places.

Experienced on 27 September 2011

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