Lamberts Bay weekend

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Sun, sea, good food… For a quick West Coast breakaway, the small town of Lamberts Bay is exactly the right choice. Three hour’s drive from Cape Town, it is not too far for a weekend and yet it is one of the many small delightful towns along the the coast little frequented. Probably most famous for the Muisbosskerm open air beach restaurant and a lobster feast each year, it is well worth a visit.

Price: roughly R500 p.p.
Length: a weekend
Distance: approx 250km
Availability: not recommended during rainy winter months
Group size: no size limit

My Experience:

We left Franschhoek at around 11:00 and drove through Paarl and then to Malmesbury and from there took the N7 north. We stopped over in Koringberg for a light lunch of delicious butternut soup at the small restaurant. We arrived in Lambert’s bay at around 15:00. After booking into one of the numorous self-catering houses, we directly went down to Bird Island. There, for a small fee or for free with a Wild Card you can walk all over the island. This island is the only breeding place of a bird species called a gannet. All day they swarm and circle and take off and land, constantly making an earsplitting noise. Despite the noise they are fascinating to watch from a building with large windows erected for this purpose. After the bird visit we made a turn in a small curio shop with sea sand on the floor, selling mugs and shells, directly across from the island. By this time it was almost 18:00 so we booked a boatride for the next morning and headed back to our lodgings to change before driving to the Muisbosskerm. Because we were a little early we went for a walk on the beach in front of the restaurant before returning just in time for the first course of fruit, rolmops, olives and the first fish dish. After that followed another six fish dishes, sweet patato west coast style, fresh farm bread, hot out of the oven and loads more. We watched the sun go down over the osean, but the orange afterglow would remain for at least another hour, adding a peacefulness and beauty to the perfect evening.

The next morning at 09:00 we returned to the harbour next to the Bird Island for the boat trip. We were told we would see dolphins, but assumed it was only a selling stunt. But the moment the boat reached the open water we were surrounded by dozens of small dolphins swimming under and next to the boat and jumping up. They remained with us for most of the hour. We also sailed to an island full of seals and saw them eating crabs in the water. Afterwards we had breakfast at Isabella’s, also in the harbour. I can recommend the breakfast muffin or the mini west coast breakfast. Driving back to Franschhoek we took the coastal route through the interesting, small towns of Elands bay and Velddrif. A complete west coast experience!


  • The Muisbosskerm is not open every day, therefore it is extremely important to make a reservation first.
  • Muisbosskerm: Go hungry.
  • Take a jersey on the boating trip, it can get quite chilly at sea.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at Muisbosskerm Restaurant, once in Lamberts Bay it is easy to find the other attractions

Experienced in December 2011

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