Climb Stellenbosch Pieke

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Best view of Stellenbosch and all the way to Table Mountain.  This Day hike is rather tough but the views are incredible.  Take lunch with you and enjoy it on the very top of one of the two Peaks.  This is the perfect outing for a group of friends who want to get some real exercise and get some distance (literally) from work.
Price: R30 p.p (Permit)
Length: 10 Hours
Distance: 8km (to starting point)
Availability: Everyday (Weather Dependant)
Group size: 4 – 20
Booking: 021 866 1560 (Buy permit at gate)

My Experience:
I did this hike with the BTK (University hiking organization).  We were a group of 20 people, including an experienced hiker who has climbed Pieke around 40 times.  We went up the difficult Central Kloof, which had a few almost vertical climbs.  Everyone made it to the top, even the very unexperienced ones. A very strong wind was blowing at the peak, but luckily we found a nice wind free spot to have lunch.  I bought my lunch (Chicken Mayo Sandwich) the same morning from Pick ‘n Pay Express since I almost forgot we had to pack our own. At the beacon we took a few photos (hopefully you saw mine in the header image) and then got out of the wind as quickly as possible.  We went down Nerina Kloof which reminds one of a scene from Jurassic Park with all the ferns and 1000 year old trees.


  • Take warm clothes as it can be quite windy on top.
  • Take hiking boots or strong running shoes.
  • Take enough water and food for the day



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the entrance gate where you need to buy the permit.

Experienced on 16 April 2011

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  • Pieter

    Sounds like fun! Is it possible to sleep over on the mountain?

    • Anonymous

      Pieke is in the the Jonkershoek Nature Reserve so I don’t think you are allowed to overnight. You can however overnight on Botmaskop. I will add it as an activity some time soon. 

    • Anton

      It is possible but of course illegal. It will be a challenge to walk on the ledges with a backpack, so maybe an easier route than Central-Kloof should be selected. After the winter, water will be available close to the peak.

  • Anton

    I’ve done a hike this past weekend from Eendrag, over Botmaskop, over Square Tower Peak to the Twins. Then back again past Square Tower Peak and came down with the Jeep-track from the wooden deck. From Botmaskop to the top of Nerinakloof was just bundu-bashing, and I doubt wether many people would enjoy it,but for the crazy ones out there: it was quite an experience to summit the Twins without using transport.

    • Anonymous

      Wow, that sounds awesome! On our grade 9 school camp we also did the bundu-bashing bit from the wooden deck to Botmaskop. We started at the Okkie Jooste camping site. I remember the one guy did it barefoot!