Ronnies Sex Shop

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Whether you are on your way to the KKNK or just taking Route 62 as a variation from the dull N2, a pleasant surprise awaits you along the way: a quaint little pub that goes by the name of Ronnie’s Sex Shop. Ideal for a drink, something to eat, and, my personal favourite, try your hand as a graffiti artist any place from the floor to the ceiling!

Price: Depends on how much you like to drink

Length: 1 hour+
Distance: ±250 km
Availability: Every day till late
Group size: 2-10
More information: Ronnies Sex Shop Website

My Experience:

The first time I visited Ronnie’s Sex Shop was in 2007 on my way to my first KKNK. Since then, every time we drive past there, we stop to greet Ronnie, a real legend. I even contributed a bra for his ceiling collection.


  • Designate a driver if you plan to stay a while…



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the shop in the middle of what seems to be nowhere

Experienced in December 2010

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  • Anonymous

    Unfortunately I couldn’t contribute one of my bras, but at least I put up a business card on the wall after taking a photo with Ronnie.

  • Anonymous

    I just visited Ronnies shop again for a cold beer on my way back from a roadtrip all the way to Lesotho and back. It seems that his bra collection has grown rapidly since my last visit. Unfortunately I couldn’t find my business card that I put up all those years ago.

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