Skydiving Cape Town

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The plane ride to altitude 9000ft above the ground is breathtaking. You will be able to see Table Mountain, Robben Island and the coastline the way the birds see it.  Life after that will not be the same again. You will feel exhilarated and alive for days to come.

Price: R1700 p.p
Length: 2 Hours
Distance: 77km
Availability: Everyday (Weather dependant)
Group size: 1 – 4
Booking: Extreme Scene

My Experience:

On Saturday, the 2nd of April at 08:00, I set off to Brakkefontein with my roommate, equipped with his new camera, and two friends I made during JOOL.  Everything was paid for in advance through the site linked above.  Upon arrival I accidentally drove unto the airfield instead of into the parking lot.  Make sure you turn into the parking lot which is clearly marked.  Inside the hanger the parachutes were being packed while we signed indemnity forms.  Less then 20 minutes after arrival we were sitting in the small Cessna ready for take off.  I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t scary.  The long spiral to the top was quiet and cold but the views were spectacular.  We could almost see Stellenbosch from up there.

Smooth landing on the drop zone

Just before the jump the instructors quickly explained what to do and that if you didn’t follow anything than it’s also okay.  I had the privilege of jumping last.  There wasn’t much time to think, which is a good thing. If I were to think of what I was doing – hanging out of an airplane strapped to a stranger 9000ft above the ground – I probably would have backed out.  Before I could say I’m ready we were free falling at 200km/h.  The goggles allowed me to admire the views while falling at this high speed.  The ground was so far away that it wasn’t scary at all.  I wanted it to go on forever. Unfortunately the ground was only that far away and 40 seconds later the instructor opened the chute.  He gave me the strings to play around a little bit. I pulled hard on one side which made us spiral down really fast.  So even though I was the last to jumped I landed first.

I highly recommend this to everyone – it is worth the money, even if you have to save up for along time.


  • Drive along the N1 and N7, avoiding the secondary roads.
  • Wear comfortable warm clothes with closed shoes as you will not be supplied with additional clothes.
  • If you want a DVD it will cost you between R400 – R700 extra. If you’re happy with photos like the one above, take one of your friends with to take photos from the ground.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Click on the second suggested route (N1 and N7)
  • Pin B is at the turn off to the parking next to the hangar.
  • Zoom in to Pin B to see the landing strip and the drop zone (white circle).

Experienced on 2 April 2011

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