Leopard’s Leap wine tasting

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Leopard’s Leap opened this spectacular tasting room on 12 December 2011. The surroundings are beautiful and the tasting room is modern and tastefully decorated. They have excellent quality wines at affordable prices.

Price: Free if you buy wine from R30+
Length: 30 minutes (excluding driving time)
Distance: 27km
Availability: Mondays to Saturdays 09:00 – 17:00
Group size: 2 – 16
More information: http://www.leopards-leap.com


My Experience:

The newly build modern tasting venue and culinary school.

Two days before Christmas my parents remembered that they have to buy wine for the family that is coming over on the 25th. Since we live in Franschhoek we decided to go for wine tasting instead of just buying wine at the local Pick ‘n Pay Liquor store.

We decided to go to Leopard’s Leap which just opened. Upon arrival we saw that they are still busy with the gardens and other minor details, but the main building is a marvel of architecture. The entrance has a glass floor with a pond underneath. Inside they have space for hundreds of people to taste wine at the same time. Ironically we were told that we are the first clients of the day (at 15:00).

The leopard of Leopard's Leap

The lady that helped us knew the wines like the back of her hand and before we could say leap we tasted all 13 of their wines that was available for tasting. We did say we were in a hurry.

By sourcing its grapes from the best vineyards in South Africa’s Cape wine lands, Leopard’s Leap is able to produce a wide selection of wines. Currently Leopard’s Leap produces three ranges, the premium Family Collection, the elegant Classic Collection and the more fun-loving Lookout Collection.

My personal favourite is the Lookout Rosé which is not as sweet as your typical Rosé, but just that makes it so perfect. I also like the Chenin Blanc from the Classic collection. In the end it is the SMV (Shiraz Mourvèdre Viognier) blend (R60) from the Family collection that was the cherry on top according to my mom, the Shiraz (R38) and the Chenin Blanc (R32) that my parents bought for the family to enjoy on Christmas day. We walked out with 18 bottles of wine.

Leopard's Leap selection of wines

In the same venue there is a culinary shop that sells all kinds of kitchenware. There is also a culinary school where anyone can take cooking courses, but I think that is only going to start operating in the new year.

Leopard’s Leap is a must do when coming to Franschhoek and can easily be combined with a visit to La Motte just up the road.


  • Buy a bottle of their very well priced wines and the tasting is free.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the entrance gate where a security guard will ask you to sign in.

Experienced on 13 December 2011

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