Matroosberg Snow

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Experience snow like nowhere else.  It’s a fun winter holiday outing or weekend getaway. If the weather is right you can drive right into the snow and have a snowball fight, make snow angels or even ski a little.

Price: R50 p.p for permits
6+ Hours
Distance: 130km
Availability: Whenever there’s snow
Group size: 2 – 6
More information: Matroosberg Reserve

My Experience:

On Thursday the 30th of June I had the opportunity to go to Matroosberg with 5 of my housemates and the house master.  We drove from Franschhoek to Ceres via the N1.  In Ceres we first stopped at Steers for Breakfast.

Snow man

Just outside Ceres we could see the snow on the mountains.  The closer we got the more spectacular it looked.  After getting our permits at reception and realising it is colder than we anticipated. We drove on a very 4×4-ish 4×2 road. But the Condor made it to the parking without to much struggle.

After about 30 minutes hike we started walking through patches of snow that got more and more until we were surrounded by snow after 2 hours of walking really slow.  One of the girls wore Ugs and the sole fell off. So she basically walked on her socks through snow.

After building a snow man and having some snowball fights we went back.  As we went past a large waterfall I thought it would be a good idea to stand behind it.  It was, sort of. The guy took off his shirt and went through with me behind him with only my last two layers on. It was a good experience standing behind a waterfall looking out unto a snow covered landscape.  As if that wasn’t cold enough the guy laid down on the snow with his bear back.

Back in Ceres we bought a 21-piece KFC Bucket for lunch. I would definitely come back again.


  • If you drive on the N1 through the Huguenot Tunnel remember that you have to pay R26 toll money.
  • Check out their Facebook page for weather updates.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the the reception where you buy the permits.

Experienced on 30 June 2011

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