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The Sasol Art Gallery in Ryneveld Street has various rooms and halls filled with paintings, special artifacts and just about anything with historic value. If you are remotely interested in the history and heritage of this town, which is particularly rich in culture, a visit to the Gallery is nonnegotiable. There are regular exhibitions (from senior as well as acclaimed artists) on the upper floors of this magnificent building.

Price: Free
Length: 1 hour at least
Distance: In Stellenbosch

Availability: Tuesday – Friday: 09h00 – 16h30, Saturday: 09h00 – 16h00
Group size: unlimited
More information: T: +27 21 808 3691/3/5 F: +27 21 808 3669

My Experience:

My mother I were walking down Ryneveld Street after enjoying lunch at the nearby Coffee Shop, with me listening to her reminiscences of her student years. As we were discussing the history of Stellenbosch and how things have changed since 1970, it seemed appropriate to visit the Art Gallery. I have a particular interest of all things historic, and seldom miss and opportunity to visit museums and such.

Johannes Meintjes exhibition

Although the website quotes an entrance fee of R2 for students and R5 for adults, the hospitable assistant merely required us to sign in. As one enters the three-floored building, the first room is filled with paintings and etches donated by some professor, who must have been very rich to have such an awe-awakening personal collection. Behind this were three chambers with exhibitions of weapons, tools and clothing of traditional African tribes, from the Bushmen to Zulus to Northern African tribes. There are very helpful and interesting to read descriptions for each artifact, which made the visit educational as well as entertaining.

With admiration and veneration I wandered about in this area for about 45 minutes, while my mother visited the rooms on the upper floors. So, after more than an hour had elapsed I had not even seen the entire first floor! I am still stupefied at the vastness of the interior.

Before we left I had a quick glance at the room dedicated to the chancellors and rectors of the University. There are paintings and summaries of each of these important historic figures, as well as other men who played an important part in some part of the University’s past. The content is very comprehensive – even Russel Botman is there.

Currently there is an contemporary jewellery exhibition on one of the upper floors. This exhibition has recently returned from the USA where it was shown in San Francisco, Columbus and Memphis. It ends on the 29th of October.

I will definitely revisit the Sasol Art Gallery, as there is still much more to be seen. This article most certainly does not do the Gallery justice – you have to see it for yourself!


  • Visit the website to read more.
  • Do not schedule any appointments for the afternoon – you might get stuck whilst wondering.
  • Check the notice board outside the Gallery to see what exhibition is being held.
  • Talk to the assistant to subscribe to a newsletter informing you of the latest news.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at the entrance of the Museum. You can park at the Eikestad Mall.

Experienced on 20 September 2011

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