Winetasting along the Helshoogte Road

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Zorgvliet Seven members of the editorial team of Die Matie went on ‘n wine-tasting tour for ‘n year-end function. We visited three well-known wine farms on the Helshoogte Road one Sunday.

Price: R100 p.p.
Length: 3 hours
Distance: 10km
Availability: Every day until 4 p.m.
Group size: 2 – 20
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My Experience:

Chilling it out at the picturesque Delaire Graff Estate

Chilling it out at the picturesque Delaire Graff Estate.

We visited three farms: Tokara, Zorgvliet and Delaire Graff wine Estates. Tokara has free wine tasting, but we had to pay at Zorgvliet and Delaire Graff. Zorgvliet asks a small amount (R10 or R20), but Delaire Graff (which is the most beautiful of the three) is quite expensive. In the end we just ordered two bottles and shared it amongst us.

Delaire Graff wine

The two bottles we bought at Delaire Graff.

For transport we hired a minibus from Stellenbosch University, and asked a friend to drive around for us. We paid him something like R100 for the day. I would not recommend driving yourself around, as almost the entire group fell asleep at the last farm we visited. We were not drunk, but the wine, the sun and the tranquil and relaxing atmosphere got to us.

Everyone in the group enjoyed the day thoroughly, and agreed that we will have another day of wine tasting in the Stellenbosch-area somewhere in 2013.


  • Not all wine farms are open on Sundays. We arrived at two farms that were closed on Sundays
  • Arrange a designated driver to transport you to different farms
  • Take a camera to capture some of the beautiful scenery that you are guaranteed to experience
  • Should you visit several farms, it may a good idea to book a lunch at one of the farms
  • Although the atmosphere at wine farms are very relaxing, try not to spend too much time at a single farm. Time really flies and on Sundays the farms close early
Cheers! 6 of us raising a glass to 2012 at Zorgvliet.

Cheers! 6 of us raising a glass to 2012 at Zorgvliet.



Click here for an interactive map and directions

  • Pin B is at Delaire Graff
  • Pin C is at Tokara
  • Pin D is at the entrance to Zorgvliet, the security guard will direct you to the tasting venue

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